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The Potter's Friend understands that obtaining professional ceramics consultation can be difficult or expensive for the hobbyist or small company. To remedy this, I have created a low cost Web Advice Service, where you can ask a question and receive a professional answer from the comfort of your home or office.

Whether you have specific questions about materials, bodies, glaze recipes, frits, ceramic pigments, onglaze colours,  clays, or need advice on glaze faults, or just pottery making in general, I can give you a low-cost, professional answer. I can even help with finding ceramic material suppliers or sourcing of pottery equipment or machines.

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How it works

Its Quick and easy to get an expert answer to your question. This is how it works........

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You enter information and add a photo if necessary

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We review your question and give you the cost

You agree the cost

You agree the cost

We Answer

We provide your answer within 48 hours


The online advice service is designed with hobbyists and small businesses in mind, although absolutely anyone can use it. Advice is provided personally by the Potter's Friend, and a small fee is charged for delivery of the advice (depending on the size and complexity of your question). There is no obligation to pay until you want to receive the advice, and you can safely cancel your request for advice at any time.




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