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For over 30 years' I have been working with some of the world's largest pottery firms such as Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, and Spode. This knowledge and experience has also benefited a number of smaller craft potteries.

Having travelled the world to help potters, I have encountered and resolved so many problems. Although I specialise in raw materials, glaze, body, pigments, decoration and firing I can offer you so much more......

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Professional Ceramic Consultancy

Devitrification of glaze at glaze-body interface

If you need more in depth support for your ceramic manufacturing issues, I have the experience to provide it. I have provided a friendly, personal consultancy service to the some of the biggest pottery manufacturers in the world, along with countless smaller manufacturers and start-ups.

Typical projects include:

  • Innovation and research -e.g. making new products & firing them
  • Development -e.g. developing new glazes & the firing process
  • Manufacturing -e.g. improved quality, less losses, less waste
  • Project management-e.g. Introduction of ISO procedures>

    If you need technical advice on any of the above ceramics projects, why not contact me today to arrange an in depth discussion.

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  • Advice to Hobbyists and Small Pottery Businesses

    Potting Shed Pixies from Tinkling toadstools

    I understand that obtaining professional ceramics advice can be difficult or expensive for the hobbyist or small company.

    To remedy this, I have created a low cost pottery advice service. Here you can ask me a question and receive a professional answer from the comfort of your home or office.

    Whether you want advice on pottery making in general or answers to more specific questions about materials, bodies, glaze recipes, frits, ceramic pigments, onglaze colours or clays; I can give you a professional answer.

    I can even help with finding ceramic material suppliers or sourcing of pottery equipment or machines.

    For a speedy low cost answer to all your pottery making or ceramic questions contact me now

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