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"As a professional specialising in pottery making I aim to help you with all of your pottery and ceramic problems. I provide a speedy advice to the amateur or craft potter as well as a ceramic consultancy service to the world's largest pottery manufacturers."

 Its Quick and easy to get an expert answer to your question. This is how it works........

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You agree the cost

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Pottery advice

What a few customers had to say about this service:- 

"I'd certainly recommend you to friends”. –Simon

“Thank you for the speedy response to my request for help”.-Ed

 “Many thanks for your kind and prompt advice. What a great service!”-Claire

“Thank you for a very professional response to my pottery making problem”-Joshua

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About the Potters Friend

I am an expert in the field of ceramics, and can help you with all sorts of issues.

I want to make my knowledge and experience available to everyone. Anyone can use my low cost web advice service to send in their ceramics-related questions and receive a professional answer from the comfort of their home or office, all at a much lower cost than seeking a conventional consultation.

Learn more about me here Potters Friend's background and experience


Professional Ceramic Consultancy Services

Metal marking deposit on plateI also offer a ceramic consulting services in conjunction with the pottery web advice service. Whether you are a multinational pottery manufacturer or a home-studio potter just starting out, I can provide advice and support worldwide, in person, over the phone or by e-mail correspondence. Whatever you want to do, I am here to help.


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