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Lead test kits  for pottery items

& children's toys

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Kilns -top loading kiln

UK Cromartie kilns

Skutt KM Series Kilnmaster Automatic Kilns

USA kilns

Bullers Rings from Taylor Tunnicliff

Bullers Rings

Potters wheels by gladstone engineering

UK Pottery wheels


Shimpo Aspire Pottery Wheel

USA Pottery wheel

Pyrometric cones from Orton

Orton Cones

Mouldmaking services

Mouldmaking services


Pottery sponges and more.....

 ceramic machine tools

 VJ Goodall pottery making machine tools

pottery equipment

Pottery equipment


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Link to even more ceramic sites of interest 

Link to even more ceramic sites of interest



Valentines Clay Body

Valentine clay body 



   UK information site linking potters,galleries and collectors.  

Painting brushes, pottery tools, glazes, kilns, wheels,and lots more....


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